Introducing….the White House blog!! Ta Da!!

Greetings blog world.  The white house events is joining the masses in starting a blog to provide information  about what we know best…all things wedding.  Including:

* behind the scenes commentary
*funny stories
*brides ” wish I would of ”  advise
*”Tip Tuesday” (These are tips that you may or may not know but come from first hand experience gained in doing hundreds of events).

I will also be following the progress of our “Storybook wedding at The  White House” giveaway.  From choosing and announcing the winner  to  Going on each appointment with them and updating along the way.  Then  finally the wedding day.  Should be a fun and inspiring journey.

I like to specialize in creating a beautiful event with a budget in  mind.  Anyone can put an event together with unlimited funds, but I think it takes more creative thinking and planning  skills to do it on a  budget.  The little touches are what makes the event special, so don’t stress over every little detail, just plan one or two and enjoy creating them.  More than that and it causes more stress then excitement.

So we will take this journey together, I will learn the ends and outs of  the art of blogging and hopefully you will be entertained and  enlightened along the way.  Feel free ask questions and join in the  marry….ment.

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Remember me and save a seat…


We all have lost important people in our lives but never are they more missed then on your special day.  I recently had the privilege of witnessing the sweetest tribute to a missing family member at a wedding.  One of the parents had passed recently and they decorated a special chair on the front row where that parent would have sat.  Starting with the officiant and as each person in the bridal party came down the isle they stopped and placed a white rose on the chair which also had a photo of the loved one.  It was so touching and special it was like they were there in that place of honor.  The celebration was joyful yet thoughtful of such an important person and her being missed on this very special occasion!  Whether a parent, family member or a best friend who would have been in the bridal party it is very special to remember them in such a loving way.


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Unattainable Dreams?

As a business owner and fellow Pinner, Facebooker, Instragramer etc. it is overwhelming to the senses to see all the ideas and possibilities there are to have a creative and different from the “norm” wedding/reception.  I am often asked to do photo shoots where vendors pull out all the stops to stage a wedding/reception or party.  The only thing is that all the vendors are donating their time and talent for the publicity and advertising benefits and for a bride to see it and want to make it happen for her is very expensive and usually out of her budget.  It would be out of most bride’s budgets for that matter.
Take a few ideas you like and put them into your special day without being overwhelmed by trying to do everything.  Start way in advance with DIY projects as they are usually not as easy as they look to do.  Nobody posts all the mistakes made along the way with a project you just see the version that turned out right.  Be realistic in what you expect of yourself and what is important to you for your day.  At a certain point in the planning, make yourself stay away from the online idea boards and be confident with what you have planned.  Too much of it will make you second guess yourself.   After the end of the day if you end up married to your best friend then the day was a success!!
Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the journey to the alter!
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Top 5 reasons to use The White House Events for your wedding venue!

#5. The gorgeous, timeless architecture of the house is breath taking! The elegant backdrop makes it so that you are not spending a lot of your budget on decorating trying to make it look like a wedding. Along with the neutral landscaping the bride and her theme really pop against the green of the grounds._MG_1151

#4. Since the re-opening of the venue in 2010, we have kept the pricing at the 2003 level when it closed. This economy has been hard on everyone and we believe the brides should still be able to have a beautiful wedding at an affordable price. We have also added smaller packages that have been a huge hit with

#3. We include tables, table linen and chairs with the cost of renting the venue. Also, the set up and take down of that equipment is included. We feel good about including the things that all brides will need no matter the guest count. Nobody wants their guests to have to set up heavy equipment before or after the wedding. A lot of venues charge extra for this or leave you to rent/set up on your own.crystal tables

#2. We offer a gorgeous bridal room and fun groom’s room for bridal party dressing. We always get huge compliments on our bride room, girl’s of every type love it and the moms like it just as much! We limit it’s use to just the bridal party to ensure personal privacy. The groom’s room has a pool table, dart board and private restroom just for them. The men need their own space and time before the ceremony and this room gives them that.bride room5    _MG_1168

#1. The number one reason is that this venue has the option for indoor and outdoor weddings. All your planning will not get ‘rained out’ because we always have a plan B in place! We can hold 150 seated at tables on one floor with about 50+ more on the lower floor. Families love this option as some of the non dancing guests may prefer a place to visit away from the music and dancing. We have got you cover inside or out!

outside reception carriage house _MG_1139

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RSVP’s are the devil!

By far my biggest complaint from brides and their family is that they are having a hard time getting the RSVP’s back, that someone has to phone people to check if they are coming and how time consuming that task is. Even when the bride has gone to the extra expense of placing a stamp on the return response, people’s best intentions don’t always materialize!

My thoughts and advice are this- I think, with almost everyone having a computer and/or smart phone, it is a time saver to follow up with guests on social media. Have a member or two of the bridal party create an event on Facebook that includes people you have invited and not heard from yet. People who are too busy or have forgotten to mail the RSVP back are most likely to respond via Facebook since most check it everyday anyway. Save your self the worry of wanting to make sure you have enough table settings, food and cake and have your bridal party help get an accurate guest count. Some brides have gone with inviting guests via e-vites altogether. It’s cheaper and they get more responses which translates into better planning.

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To Seating Chart or Not To Seating Chart….That is the Question!

I have read and heard professional’s opinions on whether or not to have a seating chart for your reception. I can personally say, with all the weddings done here at The White House, that the one thing that causes so much stress and anxiety to a bride is the seating chart. Who to put next to who, who is not talking to who, who might insult who, etc. Theses questions keep brides awake trying to fit all those personalities into one room in close proximity to one another. Quoting guests I overheard while looking for their “assigned seat” put it in clear perspective for me. “Why do we need to be told where to sit?” “Are we not all grown ups and capable of choosing a seat next to people we would enjoy!” If you have guests that are not speaking to each other, trust me they will not sit together on their own. Save your energy for other wedding details that deserve your time and attention. It is however a great idea to reserve several tables for the bride and groom’s immediate family so they can be close to the head table in a place of honor. Other than that I’m sure your guests will act like guests and leave the drama for another time other than your wedding day.

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