Remember me and save a seat…


We all have lost important people in our lives but never are they more missed then on your special day.  I recently had the privilege of witnessing the sweetest tribute to a missing family member at a wedding.  One of the parents had passed recently and they decorated a special chair on the front row where that parent would have sat.  Starting with the officiant and as each person in the bridal party came down the isle they stopped and placed a white rose on the chair which also had a photo of the loved one.  It was so touching and special it was like they were there in that place of honor.  The celebration was joyful yet thoughtful of such an important person and her being missed on this very special occasion!  Whether a parent, family member or a best friend who would have been in the bridal party it is very special to remember them in such a loving way.



About whitehouseevents

I like to specialize in creating a beautiful event with a budget in mind. Anyone can put an event together with unlimited funds, but I think it takes more creative thinking and planning skills to do it on a budget. The little touches are what makes the event special, so don't stress over every little detail, just plan one or two and enjoy creating them. More than that and it causes more stress then excitement.
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