Unattainable Dreams?

As a business owner and fellow Pinner, Facebooker, Instragramer etc. it is overwhelming to the senses to see all the ideas and possibilities there are to have a creative and different from the “norm” wedding/reception.  I am often asked to do photo shoots where vendors pull out all the stops to stage a wedding/reception or party.  The only thing is that all the vendors are donating their time and talent for the publicity and advertising benefits and for a bride to see it and want to make it happen for her is very expensive and usually out of her budget.  It would be out of most bride’s budgets for that matter.
Take a few ideas you like and put them into your special day without being overwhelmed by trying to do everything.  Start way in advance with DIY projects as they are usually not as easy as they look to do.  Nobody posts all the mistakes made along the way with a project you just see the version that turned out right.  Be realistic in what you expect of yourself and what is important to you for your day.  At a certain point in the planning, make yourself stay away from the online idea boards and be confident with what you have planned.  Too much of it will make you second guess yourself.   After all..at the end of the day if you end up married to your best friend then the day was a success!!
Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the journey to the alter!

About whitehouseevents

I like to specialize in creating a beautiful event with a budget in mind. Anyone can put an event together with unlimited funds, but I think it takes more creative thinking and planning skills to do it on a budget. The little touches are what makes the event special, so don't stress over every little detail, just plan one or two and enjoy creating them. More than that and it causes more stress then excitement.
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