RSVP’s are the devil!

By far my biggest complaint from brides and their family is that they are having a hard time getting the RSVP’s back, that someone has to phone people to check if they are coming and how time consuming that task is. Even when the bride has gone to the extra expense of placing a stamp on the return response, people’s best intentions don’t always materialize!

My thoughts and advice are this- I think, with almost everyone having a computer and/or smart phone, it is a time saver to follow up with guests on social media. Have a member or two of the bridal party create an event on Facebook that includes people you have invited and not heard from yet. People who are too busy or have forgotten to mail the RSVP back are most likely to respond via Facebook since most check it everyday anyway. Save your self the worry of wanting to make sure you have enough table settings, food and cake and have your bridal party help get an accurate guest count. Some brides have gone with inviting guests via e-vites altogether. It’s cheaper and they get more responses which translates into better planning.


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I like to specialize in creating a beautiful event with a budget in mind. Anyone can put an event together with unlimited funds, but I think it takes more creative thinking and planning skills to do it on a budget. The little touches are what makes the event special, so don't stress over every little detail, just plan one or two and enjoy creating them. More than that and it causes more stress then excitement.
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