To Seating Chart or Not To Seating Chart….That is the Question!

I have read and heard professional’s opinions on whether or not to have a seating chart for your reception. I can personally say, with all the weddings done here at The White House, that the one thing that causes so much stress and anxiety to a bride is the seating chart. Who to put next to who, who is not talking to who, who might insult who, etc. Theses questions keep brides awake trying to fit all those personalities into one room in close proximity to one another. Quoting guests I overheard while looking for their “assigned seat” put it in clear perspective for me. “Why do we need to be told where to sit?” “Are we not all grown ups and capable of choosing a seat next to people we would enjoy!” If you have guests that are not speaking to each other, trust me they will not sit together on their own. Save your energy for other wedding details that deserve your time and attention. It is however a great idea to reserve several tables for the bride and groom’s immediate family so they can be close to the head table in a place of honor. Other than that I’m sure your guests will act like guests and leave the drama for another time other than your wedding day.


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I like to specialize in creating a beautiful event with a budget in mind. Anyone can put an event together with unlimited funds, but I think it takes more creative thinking and planning skills to do it on a budget. The little touches are what makes the event special, so don't stress over every little detail, just plan one or two and enjoy creating them. More than that and it causes more stress then excitement.
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